Day Two – Check-in Replay


In our second check-in call of the Free Five-Day Writing Challenge, we discussed the benefits of clustering, the best time to do challenge exercises, writing titles, the use of photos to brainstorm, comments and how to edit them, and much more. Click on the links below to take you right to the discussion you’d like to hear. Happy writing!

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Deborah Hunt Repp
6 days ago

CHALLENGE DAY TWO A Dancing Vision     When I rolled over in bed this morning, groggy and disoriented, my mind shared an old memory with my conscious person: the vision was of my mother in a black, scooped-necked light wool top with sleeves. Her skirt was black and gold billowing poodle skirt with crisscrossed thick-diamond gold roped patterns. I recall the fabric so well: yards of black wool with triangle patterns of gold. Poodle skirts in the 1950s were always embellished with layers of underskirt stiff petticoats. Obviously, my vision was from the 1950s. Maybe I was three or four years… Read more »

Liz brown
6 days ago

Guess what, tonight the word docs open! Maybe because I cleared the cache when I quit trying last night? thanks for all the tries to help.