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Five Lies About Life Story Writing You Should Never Believe

The desire to write your life stories is powerful. You have stories only you can tell. Why, then, is it so difficult to actually get the words on paper? Often what hinders the work of writing starts in the mind. Subtle lies convince you, in one way or another, not to write.

In this lesson, I reveal five of the most common lies about life story writing you should never believe. Discover what may be holding your stories hostage. Learn how to dispel the lies. Get empowered to write your unique stories, at last.

It’s time to expose the lies to the light of truth so you can tell your stories.

Are you ready to get started or learn more?

What is Life Writers 101?

  • Stand-alone video-based writing program
  • Four months of unlimited online access
  • Not a subscription-based membership program
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Is Life Writers 101 for me?

〉Do you have life stories you want to write but are unsure of how to start?

〉Have you been writing but don’t know how to organize all of the pieces and get your work ready to share with others?

〉Do you need writing instruction to improve your craft?

〉Are you craving connection with other writers?

〉Do you wish you could ask an expert some questions about life story writing?

…If you answered yes to any—or all—of the above, then Life Writers 101 is for you!

Why Life Writers 101?

  • helps you to get started writing now
  • provides essential tools to write your life stories
  • gives you a taste of the Life Writers membership program
  • prepares a foundation for your Life Writers membership, if you decide to join. You’ll hit the ground running when you join the Life Writers membership by already understanding:
    • the fundamentals of memoir vs. autobiography
    • how to use timelines to identify key moments you wish to write about
    • how to organize the stories you want to write
    • why reading like a writer is beneficial to your writing craft
    • the basics of writing your life stories
    • how to use the forum to engage with other participants

What is included?

Life Writers 101 consists of:

  • Your Writing Project, a four-video course comprised of:
    • Memoir vs. Autobiography
    • Timelines
    • Project Overview
    • Write Now, Organize Later
  • Access to an online forum only for purchasers of Life Writers 101
  • A series of writing prompts to inspire you and unearth long-forgotten memories
    • write and post your responses to the prompts on the forum
  • A video that instructs you on how to read like a writer

How much does Life Writers 101 cost?

Only $29 for four months of unlimited online access*

*If you decide to join the Life Writers subscription-based membership program, we will deduct the $29 you paid for Life Writers 101 from your first subscription fee. That’s right—join the Life Writers membership and we’ll refund your Life Writers 101 video program $29 payment!