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Steven Weisberg

A warm hello to my new found colleagues in the Life Writers program. My name is Steven Weisberg and I’m originally from Philadelphia, where I was born and schooled. I pursued my Education and a career in Broadcasting, where I had the life experiences as a copywriter, film and tape editor, program producer with an occasional performance on Radio and TV. The highlight of my career took me to the PBS affiliate in Miami, where I worked as a TV Program Director. In that capacity, I worked with the producers for the signature shows like American Experience, American Masters and documentaries from Ken Burns. I’ve always been fascinated by History; when I retired in 2015, I decided to work on recounting family stories.

I’ve completed coursework at the Birren Center for Guided Autobiographic Studies and the Certification Program in Reminiscence and Life Story Review from the University of Wisconsin. Both programs were very writing intensive with opportunities to read what we had written. I found writing life stories in a monologue format to be an interesting hybrid between a book recital and stand up comedy. Personally, I believe hearing one’s true authentic story, written in their own words and told in their own voice is a powerful way in which people connect at a deeper level of understanding.

I’ve known Patricia through the APH, the Association of Personal Historians, which sadly was dissolved a few years ago. The sessions which she offered at the annual meetings were always inspiring, restorative, and very utilitarian with solid concrete ideas for improving one’s writing skills. I never lost touch with her and when this program was introduced last year, I decided to commit to it, at some point in time. I’ve decided that now is that some point in time for if not now, then when? It’s my goal to delve more deeply into the stories I’ve already written and use the structure of the program and support of the group to bring to life those stories that remain in embryonic form on scraps of paper and hieroglyphic scrawling in my notebooks.

I look forward to sharing my ideas and insights with you so working together, all of us will create the best works of writing each of us are capable of achieving.