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Catherine Farrar

Hello everyone. My name is Catherine Farrar but I also go by Cathy and sometimes call myself Cate. I have an identity problem, maybe because I had so many nicknames as a child. It has been a concern when signing art work (sculpture, oil painting). Not only three first names to juggle but over the years three last names as well. It crossed my mind that writing my story might help me settle on one–a “nom de plume” perhaps.

I’m married to Alan, a mostly-retired architect. I’m a retired special education teacher. We live in Casselberry, Florida. I have one daughter and a stepson from my first marriage. There are five grandchildren between the two them who are all wonderful, naturally. Michigan is where I spent my first 22 years but it still feels like home. My extended family lives there and I still keep in touch with friends more than 65 years later.

I’m a product of all the important people in my life. Through this course I hope to tell you about many of them.