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Dar Lamb

Hello Rose.
When I heard that another Canadian had joined this group I was very curious. Imagine how happy I am to know that we live near each other. I live in Guelph and have been here since 1978 except for about two years when I lived in the Galt part of Cambridge. The other thing that was good to hear is that you also enjoy photography. My first love is photography but due to needing two new hips and age and then the covid thing I have been curbed somewhat and am looking forward to seeing what summer brings. I use a walker so am restricted to places I can get too and have given up my Nikon and using my iphone 12 and find it is just fine. a whole new way of photographing though. However, when covid began I made a plan to put my creative juices into the form of writing my memoirs and found Patricia’s website and the rest is history. I think I have found my next home.
Too bad we aren’t in the same Buddy group.
Cheers and happy writing,
Dar Lamb