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Rose Yake

Hello Life Writer Friends. I have taken a few classes with Patricia, mostly online, and two have been in-person. Right now I feel overwhelmed with all the messages I have received from Life Writers, but will eventually get into the flow.

I am an active retired person, married, live in The Villages, FL and have way too much stuff on my plate. Yet, I am dedicated to writing memoirs of my life which I hope will become my life story. I am glad to be in a buddy group with Becky who has already published a memoir. I will benefit from her guidance.

My audience for my memoirs is my family which includes my siblings (I am the fourth of nine children), my two adult children, my six grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews. I am creating a Starosciak Family website where I will link my memoirs as well as other family-related files (contact lists, web albums from the last ten years, family timeline, etc.). My family may eventually have an interest in our family history, but I know my grandkids will have school assignments related to ancestry and will find my memoirs helpful.

I joined Life Writers as a way of keeping me on track. I now understand from Patricia’s lessons that I can write my life story as a series of memoirs. That was a grand relief for me.