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Dar Lamb

Hello Everyone
My name is Darlene Lamb. I prefer to be called Dar as it reminds me that I am a creative person,
I have lived in Guelph, Ontario, Canada for 43 years but I still have roots deep in the black earth of Saskatchewan.
My writing life began in 1994. This healing journey began following the death of my young grandson.
Six weeks later while spending a weekend in a Provincial Park I went to watch the sunset. There, I saw a cloud in the form of an angel carrying a baby. I captured a photograph and heard a profound message telling me that “no matter whatever happens in the world, everything IS okay.”
Six months later my 32 year marriage was over and my Life began,
Twenty-seven years have now passed since then and I have finally realized that I am ready to now tell my story.
This is my second session with LifeWriters and I know I have found the next step on my journey and I look forward to walking this part of the path with you all.