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Cherry Roegner

Hello Everyone,

I am Cherry from the Kansas City area. I used to live on the Missouri side and now live on the Kansas side. Spoiler alert: the best stuff in Kansas City is in Missouri! I live with my husband and mother. She moved in with us from Louisiana this past March. It’s been quite an adjustment…and still is. Since marrying my husband, we have moved around quite a bit. I’m hoping we stay here since we are now close to my daughter and grandson.

I work downtown KC as a legal secretary and my passion in life is genealogy. I’m working on becoming a professional genealogist in my spare time. I joined LifeWriters after seeing it is now virtual. I first became interested in the group when we were living in Florida and then we moved across to the country to Washington state. My interest in writing is to preserve memories of my family for future generations. I haven’t written much so I’m hoping this will give me a jump start! Initially, I plan to write about my parents. My father died in 2008 of cancer and I want to keep his memory alive by writing about his life, his funny sayings, and what it was in our family. My mother’s family escaped from East Germany in 1956 so I would also like to capture that. I’m looking forward to all that LifeWriters has to offer to make me a better writer and to share with like-minded others!