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Mary Axiotis

Hello Fellow Writers,

My name is Mary Axiotis and I live in Auburn Hills Michigan. I am originally from Greece where I was raised for the first 18 years of my life. I met my husband (who was Canadian at the time) while he was vacationing in Greece. A year later we got married and I moved to Canada. We lived in Canada for 15 years and then we moved to the US. I quit the corporate world 15 years ago, and not long after that I got the bug to write a novel. Well, that didn’t happen even though 30,000 words are written on it. I want to write my life story and where I grew up so that my children and grandchildren will know where I came from. Since there is so much history and events that happened in Greece while I was growing up, I thought it will be good to write about it. But, sometimes, the negativity gets the best of me, and even though I have written snippets of my childhood, I question who will be interested in my story.

I am hoping that by attending Life Writes I will get the extra push to keep on writing. I have been published with my travel articles about Greece in the Greek government of tourism website and some local papers. In the past I was published as a photographer for “The Ultimate Gardener” book by the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers. But I guess it was amateur luck. I still like photography and take pictures with a camera and iPhone. I have a Greek food website and my shih tzu website. I am looking forward to meeting you and write with you all.

Best Regards