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Holly Martinez

Hello Life writers. Holly Martinez here from Palm City, FL. I have lived a most unusual life. When I was seven years old my mother joined an occult church that told me of my prearranged marriage for me when I turned eighteen. I was known as the chosen one. They kept me in hiding away from my prominent father. For two reasons, one, to punish him for not supporting the church, and two, to keep me quiet from leaking out secrets. At eleven my mother gave me a way to Aunt Evie, who lived in a different state and was not involved in the church. Evie had a big heart to take in a starving, confused, frightened little girl, and Evie loved me dearly. Unannounced a year and a half later, my mother appeared at Aunt Evie’s and ripped me away from her. While being thrown into my mother’s car, my aunt called out to me saying, “You have survived a most amazing life. You are strong. I will love you forever. Write a book.” I never forgot my Aunt’s words. For her, I write my true stories. My mother returned me back into the church. At eighteen instead of marrying the man, I was promised to marry I was shockingly excommunicated. My life has taken twists and turns that not even a story writer could have thought up. I am grateful for my belief, that everyone, and everything that shows up on my life’s path, happens for a reason. I believe I, myself, and other players in my life signed a pre-agreed contract to live through and go through life happenings for a reason as predetermined before we came to earth school.