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Steven Weisberg


Point well taken. Though I’m new, I believe the most important goal is the most basic one of the program; keep writing, keep reading, and stay involved. All of us work as individually and as uniquely as we write.

Quick story: back in the day when the ONLY time I had to meet my Goal of doing daily exercise was first thing in the morning, at what the military would call 0-dark hours, I’d regularly run into another elder man at the gym, working out at about the same time. Being sleep deprived yet cordial, I’d greet him with a warm hello and always ask “so, how ‘ya doin’ today?”. “Well”, he’d reply philosophically, “I got up and got out of bed………the rest of it, is a piece of cake”.

Consider embracing his advice, take it one day at a time and give it your best shot with the best of what you’ve got that day.

If I had to write a set number of words every day, my Life Story might read like this:

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