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Kit Dwyer

I’m taking stock of my missed events last week and this week due to being occupied by family obligations. I am finding that I miss my Life Writer’s people! I did make some entries in my 5-year journal, of which I am patting myself on the back to accomplish. Hopping on a plane soon, but will be back next week in full attention.

I keep starting small paragraphs of topics but then they don’t get expanded on yet. I guess having a bunch of notes is better than not having any writing at all? I get inspiration from the meeting recordings and Patricia’s videos. I read the posts online when I can. You all are teaching me how to express the “creative” that may be hiding in me. I appreciate the diversity of thoughts and new perspectives offered when people share.

I can feel the growth that is happening for me, even though it is not down on paper just yet. I don’t have specific word # or page # goals this week. Rather, my goals this week are 1) to keep showing up where I can be of help to others, 2) to heal my back from last week’s temporary injury, 3) write a few encouraging pieces to myself or someone else.