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Steven Weisberg

As people and writers, we’re constantly growing and evolving. New information and awareness generates new insights for inclusion in story. As Norma points out, when a production deadline is imminent for publishing, a finite point emerges in which you have to go with what you’ve got.

Until then, I encourage you to let the muse have voice on updating versions of your story and allow that inspiration to flow.

Your query recalls a story told by Keith Richards from his autobiography/biography “Life” . In it, he describes how it took him over two weeks to tinker with and figure out the ending riffs of the song “Tumbling Dice”. The song became the lead single released from the album ‘Exile on Main Street” and eventually one of the standards in their touring set list. In his book, he describes the frustrations he experienced and the extraordinary amount of time spent writing and rewriting just the close before he felt it was worthy of recording.

It’s the artist within that constantly nags us to do better.