Share Stories – September

September Stories


Like apples ready for harvest—pick your most scrumptious memories, combine them with all necessary ingredients, and create a tasty treat for your reader’s eyes and ears.

A minimum of one week in advance of your feedback session, upload your piece for review here. Feedback groups are created and posted here by end of the day on Wednesday before the feedback group. Check back to determine who your feedback partners are, download their stories, and begin your review.

This is also a place where all Life Writers can come to enjoy fellow members’ stories. Then, if you care to, leave the author a note of encouragement.

Feedback Groups

Group 1

  • Vern Schmitz
  • Cathy Farrar
  • Nancy Archibald

Group 2

  • Etya Krichmar
  • Lisa Marie Webb

Group 3

  • John Roche
  • Tom Weikel
  • Jackie Raymond

Feedback Groups

Group 4

  • Millie Ford
  • Orah Zamir
  • Terry Deer

Group 5

  • Linda Peterson
  • Norma Beasley
  • Thierry Lagarde
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12 days ago

Hi Lauren , I don’t know if it is too late to join for the feedback session. September story.

Lauren Hayes
13 days ago

Here is Linda’s story.

13 days ago

Here is my story for the September feedback session. (second attempt at submitting it.)

14 days ago

This story is from the Challenge.

Lisa Marie
14 days ago

Here is my feedback story. It is a short one from the challenge. The prompt was to write about a bad smell associated with a trip/travel. All feedback welcome.
Please put me with others outside my buddy group.

I feel like we should have t-shirts that say “I survived the challenge!” 🙂

Last edited 14 days ago by Lisa Marie Webb
14 days ago

I seek your input before I submit it for a final edit before I submit it for final editing. Thanks, Vern

14 days ago

My story for feedback. I appreciate any criticism and feedback I can get. It is part of my memoir and is going to be published.

15 days ago

Here’s the story that I intend for the anthology. Since it’s going to be published, I will take more than the usual criticism. Normally, I just want to know if the story is getting across. But lay it on me this time, if you wish.
For the feedback session. put me with anyone.

15 days ago


Last edited 14 days ago by JOHN ROCHE
15 days ago

Here’s a short one from the challenge, version 2.

15 days ago

This is my story for the anthology. I would like detailed feedback. Thanks in advance.

15 days ago

Everyone, Another challenge is done. Rockstar or not, it’s been a fun week. My emotions ran the gamut with this challenge. One of my main concerns is getting back to everyone. We are becoming HUUUUUUUGE. Therefore, it’s hard to respond to all of my fellow writers. I appreciate the responses to my stories. But (considering my lifestyle workload) it’s hard to read all of the stories (let alone respond to them) without getting an assistant. Sorry, but I can’t afford an assistant. Hope you all understand. I’m going back to bed Huggz to the ladies. Handshakes to the men. “God-bless”… Read more »

13 days ago
Reply to  JOHN ROCHE

Thank you again for your humor, we need it.

Lauren Hayes
14 days ago
Reply to  JOHN ROCHE

You deserve some rest and relaxation, John. Good work on the challenge this past week. And yes, I think you are a Rock Star Writer, not just by metrics, but by attitude. 🙂

Lauren Hayes
19 days ago

Here is Norma’s story.

21 days ago

Here is my story. It is for the anthology. Has not yet been expanded to 1500 words. Feedback welcome. Especially considering whether the introduction is needed of is I should begin with the Bag Lady story.

Last edited 13 days ago by Orah Zamir
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