Episode #12 – Make Writing Fun

Can you believe it is 2023? Ready or not, here we are. A new year can be a catalyst for new things, like writing your life stories.

Are you writing? If so, great! Keep going. If you’ve stalled out, today’s writing tip will help reignite your desire.

In life, we often must do things we do not want to do, but writing doesn’t have to be on that list.

Find a way to make it fun.

Twelve-year-old Stacy is a great example. She attended my workshops because she wanted to write her life stories.

I watched as she considered each prompt, figured out what she wanted to write, and then searched her huge bag of writing utensils for the perfect tool. I loved watching her write because she made it fun.

What can you do to make your writing fun? Watch the video for some ideas. Then, shake up your writing process and see what happens.

That’s your assignment. Brainstorm what you might do to make writing fun for you this year.

Remember, the only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all.

We’d love to see what you come up with and what you will try to make your writing time fun. Share some of your ideas in the comments section below.

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Happy writing!

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Kit Dwyer
1 year ago

I just bought a set of new colored gel pens. I’m having fun writing green in my journal this year! I also like jotting down ideas in a small notebook or in my phone reminder app. When I hear a good turn-of-phrase or read something that prompts a story, I try to write it down or speak it out loud. Another fun thing I do is make a small sketch in the margin of where I’m writing by hand. It might be something that relates to the story, or it might just be a heart, a star, or a balloon.… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Kit Dwyer
Etya Krichmar
1 year ago

To make writing more fun for me in 2023, I must make my short meditations a part of my daily routine. I find it easier to write after I do them. The words just flow into the page.

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