How Life Writers Works

How Life Writers Works

Life Writers is organized around a monthly schedule although several features of our membership such as buddy groups and the close reading of a published memoir may cover several months.

Each session includes a number of mini-courses covering a variety of life story writing topics with accompanying lessons, assignments, handouts, and such. Writers can use these materials to cultivate stronger writing techniques.

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Life Writers members read a published memoir, and through teachings, writing exercises, and group discussions, members learn how to read like a writer by identifying and employing techniques used by popular memoirists.

Members are placed into buddy groups of two or three members for several months. This group functions as an important source of support, encouragement, and insight on shared writings. Buddy groups are a core part of Life Writers’ mission to cultivate a thriving writing community.

Life Writers members gather on the fourth Tuesday of every month for live feedback sessions. In private breakout rooms, Life Writers join other members to give and receive feedback on text prepared in prior weeks.

Monthly, we follow this format:

    • First Tuesday: Join us for an optional First Tuesday Write and Read session where you’ll be given a prompt designed to trigger memories and time to write a response. Afterward, you’ll be placed with one or two participants. Each person will read his/her story and receive first impression feedback.
    • Second and fourth Tuesdays: Visit the Writers CAFE (Conversation, Answers, Friends/Fun, and Engagement) where you receive answers to your writing questions, review a section of the memoir we’re reading, and discuss a writing-related topic.
    • Third Tuesday: Participate in a live master class drawn from the selected memoir.
    • Fourth Tuesday: Participate in a live feedback session via Zoom.
    • Fifth Tuesday: Open mic night where Life Writers read their work.

The level of participation in Life Writers is decided by each member. All that is offered is done so with an open hand for members to pick and choose what works best for them.

Time to shine, Life Writers. Show your stuff at Read and Celebrate, our regular extravaganzas where we invite family and friends and read recent stories. Then, we hoop and holler and let you know what a rock star you are!

All live Life Writers events, with the exception of group-wide feedback sessions, are recorded and can be viewed at any time.