Life Writers Plus (Old)

To start and finish writing your life stories or family histories is not easy.

If it were, everyone would do it, but unfortunately, most people only talk about writing their stories.

But you have made the decision that preserving your stories is important and needs to be done. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step.

Now that you’ve decided to write, where do you start?

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Until now, you could join Life Writers only three times per year during open enrollment periods.

But who wants to wait when you’re ready to write, right now! Well, wait no more!

Join Life Writers Plus today and receive immediate access to every course, master class, workshop, and lesson available in the Life Writers course library. Here you’ll find everything you need and more to equip you to write the story only you can. And the best part?

You can start today!


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Terry Deer
Life Writers founding member

Listen to one of our members talk about how Life Writers
has helped her.

What is Life Writers Plus?

Life Writers Plus is a bridge between the open enrollment periods of Life Writers.

That means, instead of waiting several months for the next chance to join Life Writers and begin working on your stories, you can join Life Writers Plus now and start working on your stories today.

In addition to gaining instant access to our vast content library of on-demand writing instruction, you’ll be automatically registered for the next four-month session of Life Writers. Life Writers Plus membership also includes a monthly group coaching session via Zoom with Patricia.

Then, when you enter the full Life Writers membership, you can enjoy weekly live members-only events, connect with a buddy group, participate in monthly feedback sessions, and much more.

typing life story on keyboard

How much does Life Writers Plus cost?


Pay $197 and receive instant access to our vast content library of on-demand writing instruction, monthly group coaching with Patricia, and a subscription to a standard four-month session membership of Life Writers.

Success in writing begins with a commitment–to yourself, your writing, and those you are writing for. You deserve to be a successful writer, and we can help.

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What you’ll find inside Life Writers Plus


  • Get Started in Life Writers Plus Roadmap to walk you through the site and introduce you to its many features
  • Content Library of hours and hours of video instruction on a wide variety of writing topics
  • Assignments, note-taking outlines, handouts, and other materials related to videos
  • Share Stories page where you can upload your stories, read other members’ stories, and provide a word of encouragement
  • Let’s Talk forum where you can share your thoughts, ask questions, exchange ideas
  • Help Center of short videos to walk you through the most common Life Writers Plus functions
  • Support page to ask questions and report issues
  • Live group coaching session via Zoom with Patricia on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. ET
Ready to get started? Then, let’s go.
Click on the Join Life Writers Plus button now and begin your writing adventure!

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When you join Life Writers, you are fully protected by our
100% satisfaction guarantee. If in the first seven (7) days,
you feel Life Writers Plus is not for you, let us know,
and we’ll send you an immediate refund.