Writing in the Rainforest Survey

Writing in the Rainforest Gang

Hello friends! We started our adventure in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, just over a month ago. It was an amazing trip filled with wonderful people, animals, places, and writing, but it’s not over yet.

I’ve created a Google album for your best Writing in the Rainforest photos. Please upload your favorite photos for everyone to enjoy and possible inclusion in our anthology/memory book. Here is the link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zuR1mPSUH9p91vEy9.

I would so appreciate if you would take ten minutes and complete this survey. Any information you provide will help me provide an even better retreat next year. Thanks so much.

If you choose to save and continue later with the intention of completing the survey at another time, make sure to scroll down the page and copy the link to return to the survey or enter your email address to have the link sent to you.