Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect after I sign up?

Once we receive your registration, we will send you an email with details about the start of the session, including the date and time of our launch party and orientation. You will also receive a link to sign in to the Life Writers website, set up your profile, watch the Take-a-Tour videos, introduce yourself to your fellow members, and begin the Get Started Roadmap.

Once I sign up, how long is my membership?

Your membership automatically renews annually or every four months, depending upon the option you select. You are free to cancel your membership at any time. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details.

However, Life Writers members love the program and continue to find value, month after month. We believe you’ll want to continue your membership when you see how much progress you make with Life Writers.

Can I participate for only a month at a time?

Unfortunately, no. Because of how the Life Writers program is structured, the minimum time commitment is one four-month session.

During what dates do the four-month sessions run?

The Life Writers program is structured in four-month sessions:

February through May

June through September

October through January

Each new session will begin on or about the first Monday of the starting month, with regular weekly meetings being held on Tuesday evenings (EST) thereafter.

How much of a time commitment is Life Writers each week?

The activities within Life Writers vary somewhat week-to-week. In general, you may expect an average of three to four hours per week of live meetings, video lessons, assignments, and connecting with your buddy group (if you chose to participate in all activities), in addition to the time you choose to set aside to write your personal stories.

Is Life Writers a program only for writers of memoir?

Not at all. While life story, memoir, and family history are primarily the focus of Writing Your Life, we also acknowledge that good writing is good writing, no matter the genre. Whether you are crafting poems, fictional stories, or creative nonfiction, the elements of excellent and engaging text are all the same. Life Writers exposes its members to devices that enhances all writing, such as dialogue, crafting scenes, characterization, and more.

What is a buddy group and what is its purpose?

A buddy group is composed of three or four writers specifically selected to support and encourage one another throughout the four-month session. You may share your writing and assignments with your buddies to receive feedback and suggestions, as well as help hold one another accountable to meet your individual writing intentions. Buddy groups are a great way to cultivate friendships with other members and stay connected while writing—an otherwise isolating endeavor.

How will the buddy groups be formed?

Soon after you register, you will answer some questions we use to pair you with other writers with similar writing goals, interests, and skill levels.

What do I need to know how to do to participate?

Members need to be comfortable using technology, including email, basic word processing, Zoom video conferencing, navigating the Life Writers website, posting assignments, and commenting on the Life Writers website. None of these tasks are difficult, and we provide you with detailed instructions on how to do each.

What if Life Writers isn't right for me?

Life Writers is risk-free to you because it’s backed by a thirty-day, money-back guarantee.

If you try out the program, use all of its features, complete the assignments, and actively participate in the live events, yet find Life Writers is not a good fit for you, email us before the end of your first thirty days of membership, and we will refund your subscription fee. However, we know once you experience Life Writers, you’ll be excited to stay and see what you can accomplish.

If you are past your first thirty days, you may notify us of your desire to cancel in writing via email no later than fourteen days in advance of your next subscription billing period.

If your subscription renews every four months, you must cancel fourteen days before the start of the next session, which begins on February 1, June 1, or October 1.

If your subscription renews annually, you must cancel fourteen days before the next annual billing on February 1, June 1, or October 1, depending on the date you registered.

For more details, please refer to our Automatic Renewing Subscription Terms and Conditions.

Can I continue to access the program content after I cancel?

You have full access to all the content as long as you are a member. If you cancel or your membership expires, you lose access to all content.

For more details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

If I cancel my membership, can I rejoin at a later date?

Absolutely! You will simply re-register as a new member at the current membership rate, and you will once again have full access to all membership content.

Do I need to be a tech wizard to participate in Life Writers?

Absolutely not! We have video and written instructions available that show you everything you need to know, such as how to click on a link to watch a video, join a video conference call, convert your story to a .pdf file, post your stories, add comments, and such.