Life Writers 101

Write the life story you have always
wanted to share!


Join the many life story writers who are turning their experiences into interesting stories.

Make writing your story more than just something you plan to do one day but never get around to it. Don’t put it off one more day.

Life Writers 101 is a four-month program that helps you get started or rekindle the spark to write the story only you can.

Purchase at any time. Work at your own pace.

With instruction taken from the highly successful Life Writers membership program, Life Writers 101 is a great introduction to the membership, the best way to get prepared to join the Life Writers membership before enrollment opens, or maybe just the nudge you need to get started writing your story.

Listen to one of our members talk about how Life Writers has helped her.

Terry Deer, Life Writers founding member

How much does Life Writers 101 cost?

Priced at a one-time fee of only $29, how can you resist? That’s only $7.25 per month or 24 cents per day! You can’t buy a piece of bubblegum for that.

Click the button below to purchase your four-month subscription to Life Writers 101. Then, you’ll be directed to complete a short application and set up your user ID and password. As soon as you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know where to go to get started on your Life Writers 101 journey.


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“Why,” you ask, “do I have access to Life Writers 101 for only four months?”

Good question. We’ve structured the program this way because deadlines work. If you had lifetime access to the content, you might never get around to watching the videos and doing the assignments. Now, you having a ticking clock, forcing you to jump in and get started.

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Let’s do this together.
Purchase Life Writers 101 now for only $29.
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