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Here’s what to do next…

1. Check your email inbox.

We sent you a welcome email with the user ID and password you created plus a few details about where to go and how to get started on your Five-Day Writing Challenge.

If you don’t find the email in your inbox within a couple of hours, please check your spam or junk folders. Sometimes our messages end up in those undesirable locations. The nerve. Mark the email as not junk so you won’t have this problem with future emails. If you use Google Gmail, our emails may show up under promotions rather than the primary tab.

If you don’t want to wait for the welcome email, go to Landscapes of Your Life to get started right away.

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2. Watch the introductory videos.


We created a Welcome to the Three-Day Writing Challenge video to familiarize you with the challenge and a bonus video on How to Cluster.

Clustering is an effective way to brainstorm story ideas and bring your stories down to a manageable size.

You’ll be encouraged to do a bit of brainstorming every day.

3. Introduce yourself.


What do we need to know about the one and only you?

Tell us about your writing, your background, your pets, anything you want us to know.

Upload a photo so we can enjoy your lovely or handsome face.

Introduce yourself, and then say hello to your fellow challengers.

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4. Check out the Life Writers membership.


While waiting for your first day’s lesson and challenge, check out our Life Writers membership. If you’re ready to stop talking about writing and actually start writing, Life Writers is just what you need. It provides the three things all writers need to succeed–community, instruction, and accountability.

When we’re surrounded by people who write, we usually write too.

Even bestselling authors seek to improve their writing skills, and Life Writers provides you with hundreds of hours of live and recorded video instruction to sharpen your skills.

When on our own, it’s easy to say, I’ll write tomorrow, but in Life Writers, you have built-in accountability with buddy groups and story submission deadlines to keep you writing.