Memoir We’re Reading

High Achiever by Tiffany Jenkins


The book we’ll be studying in the Spring 2021 session is High Achiever by Tiffany Jenkins. This edgy book puts the reader in the shoes of a low-bottom drug addict who lives a double life. We are introduced to worlds foreign to most of us, but Jenkins’ writing makes us feel like it’s us on the floor of that jail cell, off to meet a drug dealer in the middle of the night, concealing our identity from our boyfriend who is a deputy sheriff.

Purchase a copy of High Achiever from your local bookstore or online at Amazon. You can also check it out from the library, but you may want your own copy to mark up as the spirit moves. Print or online versions are fine.

Then, print out a copy of the reading schedule and follow along. This book is a page-turner, so it’s fine if you read ahead, but the weekly videos and masterclasses will follow this schedule.

As the session unfolds, you can find weekly videos and master classes in Close Reading. Get ready for a wild ride.