Episode #31 – “I Could Tell You Stories” – Patricia Hampl

Today, I visited some old book friends from my grad school days and lingered on a collection of essays by Patricia Hampl titled I Could Tell You Stories. Tucked inside were my large index cards, full of notes from my first study of this book.

This quote, taken from page eighteen, is one of my favorites:

Because everyone “has” a memoir, we all have a stake in how such stories are told. For we do not, after all, simply have experience; we are entrusted with it. We must do something—make something—with it. A story, we sense, is the only possible habitation for the burden of our witnessing.

I love how she says we are “entrusted” with our stories, and we need to write what we have witnessed.

Watch the video to listen to more Hampl quotes.

Then, tell us about a book friend on your shelf.

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Remember always: The only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all!

Until next time, happy writing!

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Sue O'Halloran
Sue O'Halloran
1 year ago

Patricia Hampl was a friend/colleague in the Twin Cities. The first writers’ retreat I ever went to was led by her, Phoebe Hanson and Christina Baldwin, another friend. We had a great writing place called The Loft, a great place for classes, readings, guest authors and friendships.

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