Episode #34 – Fathers

When I wake to the sound of construction across the lake, I find it pleasant. Some would find it annoying.

The sound of sawing and hammering reminds me of my dad, Cliff Charpentier, master craftsman. He could do anything with a piece of wood.

He built everything from houses and fine furniture to bowling balls and guitars and treasured pieces of furniture still in my home.

Today is an opportunity to exercise your writing chops with a prompt. In honor of Father’s Day, write about someone who fathered you in your life, either your biological father or someone who served as a father.

Remember, the only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all!

We love to read what you’ve written. If you care to, share your story with us, upload an MS Word or Adobe .pdf document to the comments section below, and let us celebrate with you.

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Nancy Archibald
1 year ago

Story about how my actions may have affected my dad.

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