Episode #35 – “The Puma Years” – Laura Coleman

In Life Writers, we practice close reading as we study a published memoir over several months. Close reading is reading beyond entertainment. We formulate questions and find answers in the memoir. We also consider writing devices the author used and how we can use them to improve our writing.

Today, I’ll tell you about our next memoir, The Puma Years by Laura Coleman.

I chose to study this book in Life Writers for Coleman’s beautiful descriptive writing, the way she characterizes people and animals, and how she puts the reader in her shoes to live the experiences she had.

If you decide to read The Puma Years, let us know in the comments section below. Come back and tell us what you think of it as you read.

Remember, the only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all!

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Kit Dwyer
1 year ago

I finished the book a few days ago. Coleman’s writing style did put my mind in all her scenes. I’ve never walked inside a tropical jungle and now I can imagine what it would be like. I also enjoyed the details she used when describing the animals. Only someone with a deep love of animals could write like that. I could relate!

Linda Monnahan Peterson
Linda Monnahan Peterson
1 year ago

It’s a grabber from the first few pages.

Etya Krichmar
1 year ago

Patricia, so far I am enjoying this book. Good choice!

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