Episode #41 – Should I write by hand or a computer?

I speak to many different groups about the importance of writing their life stories—writers groups, genealogy groups, civic groups, truly, all kinds of groups.

I am repeatedly asked some of the same questions. On this fourth Thursday Q&A, I thought I’d share one question that comes up regularly and answer it today.

People often ask me if writing by hand or on the computer is better. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and I share my thoughts on the subject in today’s video.

What about you? Do you write by hand or on a computer? Why? Have you ever tried writing using a different device than your usual? Share your responses in the comments section below.

Whether you write by computer or by hand, it makes no difference because The only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all!

Whether you write by computer or by hand, it makes no difference because The only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all!

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Holly Martinez
11 months ago

I find when I write with pen to paper I write more emotions from the open heart. The computer is faster but not always emotionally felt.

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Monique Cobbs
11 months ago

Paper and pencil (not pen) are my preferred choices for brainstorming and editing. I echo Etya with regard to flat keyboard. Laptops and my hands arenot the best of friends, and misprints are distracting. Being the nerd I am, I cannot let them remain once I see them (yes, Patricia, I know you say not to do that), and my twisted brain is distracted enough without QWERTY helping. I also am most comfortable when I can see the entire page in front of me. The screen is just not allowing me to function the way with which I am most… Read more »

Etya Krichmar
11 months ago

Most of the time, I use my computer to write. I prefer the desktop version even though I have two Apple laptops. For the life of me, I cannot type as fast as I do on my ergonomic keyboard. Even when I visit my son in Georgia, I bring my laptop, keyboard, and mouse with me. Something about flat keyboards drives me nuts. I only use paper when the universe sends me a beautiful message. I then stop everything I do and run to a piece of paper to record it because I know I won’t be able to remember… Read more »

Lou Martindale
11 months ago

I use a mixture of paper and computers. Sometimes an idea for a story will pop in my head when I’m doing other chores, so I’ll grab the nearest piece of paper and write it down. It can be any scrap of paper, such as the back of an envelope or my grocery list. Later I transfer it to my computer and work from there. But even then I might go back to pencil and paper if a thought comes to me when I’m not in front of my computer. I use my iPad for writing also, especially when I… Read more »

Kit Dwyer
11 months ago
Reply to  Lou Martindale

Lou, I ditto what you describe! Though I don’t have an iPad my phone has a notes feature like you, which I categorize under Writing Ideas. To my grandchildren, I still hand-write letters in print, block script, most of the time. Though, as they get older, I sometimes sneak in a typed letter or two. This is due to my hand script beings nearly illegible unless I force myself to print very slowly. Patience is something I’m still working on. When I send something in cursive, they usually resort to having their parents read it to them. I like to… Read more »

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Mireille Shenouda
Mireille Shenouda
11 months ago

I want to sign up for future blogs

Sandra Cifelli
11 months ago

I like to start with paper and pen to get all my thoughts together Then begin a document to start the long process of rewriting and organize That may take another rough draft on paper to get all my thoughts to come together then start document in google docs. then process of putting my thoughts in the right order. Flushing it out and adding dialogs.

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