Episode #48 – Barefootin’

In our forty-eighth episode of the Life Writers Vlog, we introduce a creative writing prompt titled “Barefootin’.”

Explore your childhood memories of going barefoot during summer, highlighting the adventures and hazards associated with this simple pleasure.

We invite you to brainstorm ideas and memories related to your barefoot experiences and encourage you to craft a story from your chosen memory, emphasizing the importance of detail.

Please share what you’ve written in the comments section below. You can upload an MS Word or Adobe PDF document or copy and paste your text. We’d love to compare our experiences with yours.

But, remember, the only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all!

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Linda Peterson
10 months ago

I never cared to go barefoot. Couldn’t stand the feel of dirt on the bottom of my feet, nor the feel of mud between my toes. Maybe it had something to do with the experience of my younger sister nearly having her big toe cut off when she encountered a piece of broken glass while running through the grass. In another instance, in about 1963, our extended family decided to hold a family reunion at the Little Brown Church in the Vale, near Nashua, Iowa. Or more accurately, the picnic grounds adjoining it. This church is widely famous for intimate… Read more »

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Orah Zamir
10 months ago

Here is my story about my cat who loves to play with my feet.

Nancy Archibald
10 months ago

Here is my story about going barefoot in the spring. Thanks for the prompt, Patricia.

marian gardner
marian gardner
10 months ago

I was 10 years old in 1956 and my Dad worked a neighbors farm. The neighbor, Mrs Bailey, supplied the land and the seed for whatever crop my Dad planted. My Dad provided the labor (his 7 kids – well the first five of us anyway). He also took the crop to the Tampa Farmer’s Market. The barefoot part would have to be picking okra one summer, absolutely the worst experience of my life, well, one of them anyway. To pick okra, you had to wear long sleeve shirts because if you didn’t you arms would be itching all night… Read more »

Sandra Cifelli
10 months ago

I have so many experiences of going barefoot growing up. I never wore shoes except when I was skating or biking. Once we had a family picnic at our house and I talked all the cousins into walking on the new roadway that had tar on it. We had a terrible getting it off and resorted to kerosene to take it off. I was in a lot of trouble

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