Episode #50 – Writer’s Block

The Passion of Creation by Leonid Pasternak

I know you’ve heard other writers say it, and maybe, you’ve even said it yourself: I have writer’s block. 

One viewer asked if writer’s block is a real thing.

Of course, I have a few thoughts on the subject.

Watch the video to hear definitions of what’s called writer’s block, what might be behind that stuck feeling, and what you can do about it.

With all the writing you do, remember, the only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all!

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Happy writing, everyone.

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Kit Dwyer
9 months ago

I liked this quote which was told in a podcast about being stuck: 
“I don’t write because I have ideas. I have ideas because I write.”  said a friend of podcaster, Alastair McDermott. He suggests when stuck, keep showing up, keep consistently doing your thing and you will get unstuck.

Idalia Martinez
Idalia Martinez
9 months ago

Your Professor Phil Deaver’s quote about Writers Block was very amusing but very accurate. Abbott and Pfizer always want a reason to label, drug and categorized the human kind bent toward making their laboratory corporation all the money they can make. Yes. I’m for eradicating the word from the vocabulary. I’ve made the recommendation of eradicating the word “boring” from the vocabulary too every time a young family member says it. I respond with it seems that you are not putting to work not even one of the thousands of thoughts that scientist say goes through your mind every minute… Read more »

Linda Peterson
9 months ago

I like your professor’s quote about writer’s block concerning Abbott and Pfizer. I don’t usually have writer’s block. My problem is I usually have more ideas than time to develop them. I’ve found, when I don’t know what to write, it is good to admit it-in writing-over and over again until I do come up with something to write. It usually works.

9 months ago

Sometimes I just don’t want to sit my butt in the chair and write. I actually avoid going by my desk because it will shame me into sitting down. However, the upside is if I do put my butt in the chair I can usually find something from my long, long ago past that could somehow make a story.

David Godin
9 months ago

I find doodling on a page helps to get things going. There is just something maybe hypnotic or meditative about making random squiggles. And then I take notes or write down phrases that pop into my head. Soon I’m ready to get started.
I wonder if coloring with colored pencils in one of those adult coloring books might also help.

Kit Dwyer
9 months ago
Reply to  David Godin

good idea, David!

Cheryl Lemine
Cheryl Lemine
9 months ago

I think it’s realistic to know there will be times when writing seems like a faucet at full blast and other times a trickle. I think the goal is to produce work. I mainly do visual art and I throw my pieces that I don’t really like into a drawer. Then when I’m working on collage I go back and actually cut up the work and use it! Consider that the little snippets you write when the faucet trickles may end up being just the answer for another creative problem you haven’t experienced yet! And if you need to, cut… Read more »

Holly Martinez
9 months ago

Great information. This is what I learned, I’m not going to use WB, in my vocabulary, or thoughts. Happy writing.

Norma Beasley
9 months ago

Good morning everyone. I usually don’t have writer’s block. I may have times when I pause because of word choice or how to structure something. I keep a small notebook on possible topics. One in my car, one at home, one in my purse. Rick Rubin doesn’t believe in such a thing. Thanks for all the possibles Patricia. Writers, keep working. Have a good day. Norma

Kit Dwyer
9 months ago

Great tips and advice. You made me laugh!

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