Episode #67 – The Oxford Comma

In episode sixty-seven of the Life Writers Vlog, I address a listener’s questions about the Oxford comma.

Explaining its significance and usage, I emphasize the clarity it brings to sentences, but consistency in its application is key.

Remember, the only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all. Happy writing!

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David Godin
5 months ago

It’s funny how much comma and karma sound alike. It’s probably bad karma not to use the Oxford comma. I like it for its clarity, but I have to admit I use a lot of commas, dispersing them almost randomly through my text.

Julie Folkerts
5 months ago

Thanks, Patricia. Coming from the legal field, they told us not to use all the commas. But after I purchased Grammarly, they were always correcting that. I appreciate your help in deciphering it.

Monique Cobbs
5 months ago

I did not know what it is called, but I do use it for clarity, and I probably use unnecessary commas in other places just because it makes a sentence easier to read.

Etya Krichmar
5 months ago

Easy, peasy, Patricia. I have no problem using the Oxford comma. Grammarly is always there to remind me. He he he.

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