Episode #68 – EAE Bite #101 – “It’s Just So Unjust”

In this episode of the Life Writers vlog, we explore the subtle words that sneak into our writing and hide right under our noses.

Let’s dig into Bite #101, “It’s Just So Unjust,” from my book, Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time.

I share a personal, and embarrassing, revelation about my overuse of the word just and discuss breaking other favorite-word habits.

Watch the video, and then share some of the empty words that nest in your best stories.

Until next time, happy writing, everybody!

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Lisa Marie Webb
5 months ago

That is the word i frequently have to omit, too.

Julie Folkerts
5 months ago

Norma – my word is also “that.” Thanks, Patricia, for reminding us of those pesky words.

5 months ago

My nemesis is “seems.”

Norma Beasley
5 months ago

My little bugger is “that.” Must read my text 50 zillion times to delete them.

Kit Dwyer
5 months ago

Oh boy, JUST is a common word for me too! That’s for this wonderful reminder.

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