Episode #70 – Ellipses

In episode seventy of Life Writers Vlog, we explore the versatile ellipsis.

Learn how to use the ellipsis effectively without overusing it and making your writing look gimmicky.

Here are the four uses of an ellipsis:

  1. to represent missing words,
  2. to insert a dramatic pause,
  3. to express an unfinished thought or statement,
  4. to indicate more to come.
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5 months ago

Thanks for the info Patricia. I used the ellipsis in my intro to my life stories.
I wrote, these memories are mine and mine alone. I’ve tried to give you a better look at how I was through these experiences, how I felt at the time, whether good, bad, happy or sad. I realize it’s hard picturing me as a child, teenager and young adult. I hope this helps because this is how I remember it…

5 months ago

Good information, Patricia. “I looked at Mama’s disappearing figure through the window of the train until she turned into a stick figure.eventually becoming a dot. Many thoughts ran through my head. Will America be a place where I belong? I was torn away from my loved ones, friends, the country of my birth…. everything familiar.” This is my example.

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