Episode #74 – Under the B, number…

At a recent face-to-face gathering of our Life Writers, the topic of bingo came up, and I thought what a great writing prompt that would be.

I vividly remember the bingo nights at the Catholic Church hall in my hometown of Charenton, Louisiana. My grandparents took me with them every month, and I think I learned my numbers playing bingo.

I can still remember the crunchy popcorn balls and the yummy hotdogs–with chili always–the church ladies made and sold.

Let’s do a little brainstorming about bingo, and then, we’ll write.

If bingo wasn’t a part of your childhood, what similar nights did you enjoy–cards, board games, or puzzles?

Share your bingo memories or other game nights in the comments section below! We’d love to compare notes with you.

But always remember, The only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all!

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Linda Peterson
4 months ago

Card games were my family’s thing. Oh, we weren’t above getting into an extended game of Monopoly once in a while, vying for the

coveted Boardwalk and Park Place, as well as all the other properties, houses and hotels we could acquire. But our real love was anything

involving cards, beginning with Old Maid, progressing to Rummy,Whist, 500, Euchere, Cribbage, and the long lasting Canasta.

Mireille Shenouda
Mireille Shenouda
4 months ago

Snakes and ladders board game as well as numerous card games
and backgamon

Norma Beasley
4 months ago

Yeah. Who didn’t play Bingo. I played pick up sticks, jacks, old maid, scrabble, monopoly, bazooka, a kind of pinball game, X and O, and God knows what else. Those were the days!!!

David Godin
4 months ago

Good prompt. I remember HOLY Bingo and also playing bingo at the morale tent on my first deployment.

Kit Dwyer
4 months ago

Thank you for this fun prompt, as I love to play all sorts of games. Can’t wait to dig out my stories!

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