Episode #83 – What’s so wrong with cliches?

In episode eighty-three of the Life Writers Vlog, we talk about cliches!

Cliches might seem harmless, but Gary Provost, in his book 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing: Proven Professional Techniques for Writing with Style and Power, warns us—they’re as overused as a penny in a wishing well.

So, let’s ditch the cliche and get creative!

For more info about Gary Provost’s book, watch episode forty.

Remember, the only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all, but please, do it without cliches.

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2 months ago

Metaphor, Simile, Cliche…I don’t see a helluva lotta difference between them. If you use them wisely, what the heck? (I had another word picked out there. But I’m a gentleman). I think it’s just a matter of your own personal style.

Keep in mind that I’m on WIFI limitations right now and I can’t open the lesson. Just sayin’ what I feel about the subject.

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