Episode 90 – EAE Bites 80 & 81 – Setting

In this episode of the Life Writers Vlog, we double-dip into Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time and look at Bite 80 – Set the Stage and Bite 81 – The Place Where It All Happens.

Those two bites center on the importance of describing the where of your story, the location where your story takes place.

I encourage you to brainstorm the characteristics of each location in your story, and I give an example I used when writing about going fishing with my grandpa.

If you don’t naturally include some details about the where of your story, I suggest you make it a part of your editing process to include some description if you don’t already have it.

But always remember, the only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all!

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12 days ago


12 days ago

Who’s the new voice of LifeWriters? Formally the young Lady who I can’t remember her name. Can see her. But can’t name.

My July submission has a place that I hope to sell. Havn’t edited it yet. So, you folks will just have to wait

David Godin
14 days ago

A 100-episode anthology? A summary of each topic? A best-of episode? Definitely not a dance party. If episodes were years the Vlog would be 32 years older than me.

Holly Martinez
14 days ago

100 is a big deal. I think we should celebrate it in silence and reflect on what we have gained and enriched from and who we are now 100 lessons later. Then, write a gratitude message to ourselves for who we are now with writing lessons and more knowledge learned. Then write a gratitude to our writing buddies and Patricia. Silence is strong.

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