So Excited, I Could Just Spit

Baby in Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, Limon Province, Costa Rica

I fell in love with Costa Rica in 2018 when Bob and I visited the Caribbean and Pacific coasts and many points in between.

Costa Rica was a bucket-list trip for me. I had never seen a rainforest, and I was obsessed with sloths. The country was even more beautiful than I expected, and by visiting a sloth sanctuary, I saw lots of these super-slow mammals, even babies.

I loved all the animals, good-natured people, food, rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, volcanoes, flowers, birds, everything about this fantastic country.

Three-toed sloth at Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica

Costa Rica gave up its army in 1948 and invested that money in education, environmental protection, public health, and such to better their country.

Bob in front of the Arenal Volcano

It must have worked because, in 2021, the country ranked first in happiness by the Happy Planet Index.

In 2018, I dreamed of holding a writing retreat in Costa Rica. COVID-19 delayed it a bit, but Writing in the Rainforest will become a reality on March 3-10, 2024, and I can’t wait to share my love of life story writing and this country with you.

In only a few weeks, I’ll release information about the location—it’s fabulous—the cost, and details about the retreat. To be the first to know, sign up to receive advance notifications.

Have you ever been to Costa Rica? What did you like best about it?

What bucket list trips have you taken? What other places are currently on your bucket list?

Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below, and pencil in March 2024 for a trip and retreat of a lifetime.

Remember, the only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all.

Until next time, happy writing.

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La Fortuna Waterfall

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Etya Krichmar
1 year ago

Do you have the information on the cost of this trip yet?

Lisa Marie Webb
1 year ago

Sounds exciting. It is so very nice that your delayed desire is finally going to happen.

I once heard of an Amtrak writers train trip. I think it was coast to coast. I’ve wanted to travel to all of the States I haven’t been in yet and visit sites I haven’t had opportunity to see yet.That’s part of my bucket list idea. Also some items on my wish list are a multi-port cruise that includes Alaska, a trip to Australia and a trip to any of Central America.

Robin Zabel
Robin Zabel
1 year ago

We were planning to go there next Feb…now, I have a great excuse! I’m in!!! I look forward to meeting fellow writers and to see you our wonderful mentor!!!

Lou Martindale
Lou Martindale
1 year ago

I visited Costa Rica twenty plus years ago. I loved the country and the people. It is so beautiful. I loved that there were flowers and butterflies everywhere. While there I zip lined through the rain forest canopy, sat in a hot stream that was heated by the Arenal volcano, and went deep sea fishing in the Pacific Ocean. A month ago I took a bucket list trip. It was an eight day Mississippi River cruise on a paddle wheel boat from New Orleans to Vicksburg, Mississippi, and back to New Orleans. It was everything I thought it would be… Read more »

1 year ago

Hi Patricia,
Did you see the PBS Nature episode on the humming birds of Costa Rica? It was amazing. These tiny birds make a large impact on the country’s environment.

Etya Krichmar
1 year ago

I cannot wait to hear the fine details. I so want to go there.

Orah Zamir
Orah Zamir
1 year ago

Costa Rica was one stop on a trip that covered two bucket list trips for me in 2006. I went on a Holland America ship, the Westerdam. Someone told me it had been around for a long time. It must have been too long, because my Westerdam was brand new. It was two cruises. I went out on ships as a Jewish chaplain to conduct High Holiday services. The first cruist was a week in Alaska, one of my bucket list cruises. We went up the inside passage. I really wanted to go up to Denali, but this cruise did… Read more »

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