I Thought I Was Going to a Holiday Party

I Thought I Was Going to a Holiday Party

Weeks ago, my husband Bob told me his salon was having a Christmas party and asked if I wanted to go. Sure, sounds like fun.

Bob has been a hairdresser for forty-five years and loves going to work—every day. Before that, he did construction across the Southeast. That sounds like a big career jump, but he still works with his hands and creates beauty in hairstyles rather than buildings.

Turns out, today was a day to celebrate ten years of Hair in Motion of New York and Lesline Powe-Barton.

Originally from Jamaica, Lesline’s first foray into cosmetology was in New York City some thirty-five years ago, where she ultimately owned two salons.

She brought that NYC influence to Orlando fifteen or so years ago and now owns and runs three salons here as Hair in Motion of New York. She’s assembled an international team of people from Puerto Rico, Haiti, Brazil, and Jamaica as well as the US.

Lesline also founded a nonprofit, an apprenticeship training program to equip the next generation with skills necessary for a career in cosmetology.

I loved listening to Lesline talk about her journey over the last ten years, giving credit to the many people who helped along the way, but the most credit, she gave to God.

She is a woman of deep faith, which guides her decisions and supports the business risks she takes.

In 2019, Lesline purchased the Altamonte Springs salon where Bob and three or four other stylists rent chairs. She brought energy, positivity, enthusiasm, and a hearty laugh and breathed life into the place.

Lesline Powe-Barton, a force in the hairdressing industry

I love going to the salon on Thursdays because Lesline is there. Just being around her makes me feel good, and I love seeing the fantastic work she does, transforming ordinary heads of hair into works of art.

Lesline Powe-Barton and Bob

Congratulations, Lesline, for the amazing person you are, the lives you touch, and the beauty you add to the world.

This day was so much better than a holiday party.

Who is someone you admire? Why do you admire this person? What is he/she like?

What does he/she do that garners your admiration?

Tell us about this person in the comments section below and allow us to celebrate him/her as well.

Bob and his buddy Maria--they have worked together for more than thirty years. Maria is eighty years old and still does hair.

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Marcelle Angall-Leonce
Marcelle Angall-Leonce
7 months ago

I agree with your article. Lesline is a phenomenal woman of God, entrepreneur extraordinaire, visionary and innovator. I am was a recipient of her creative styles. Thank you, Lesline for being a mentor and a friend. Abundant blessings to you and your Team

Kit Dwyer
7 months ago

I don’t know the name of the person, but I still think of the man who gave me the gift of forgiveness. It was a stressful time in my life some 20 years ago. I was rushing doing some errands after work, only thinking of my own woes, when I accidently hit his parked car when I was backing out of a spot in my local market parking lot. We both got out of our cars and looked at the minor damage. I apologized, and was on the verge of crying. I was so fearful of the trouble this was… Read more »

Doreen cousins
Doreen cousins
7 months ago

Lesline is beautiful inside and out, I was one of her employees in NY, which contributed to the purchase of my first house . Thanks again Lesline. Continue to do Gods work

Linda Peterson
7 months ago

I admire our church janitor, Diane Gasteiger. She is that and so much more. Married as a teen, her and her husband’s first home was a converted garage with a wood burning stove. Now, all these years later, they live, on their immaculate acreage, in a log home they built. Across their driveway is a beautifully appointed guest house. She keeps a large, pristine vegetable garden from which she cans the produce not taken to the local farmers market, where she is a vendor. She milks a cow for house milk. In season, she works at the local Bonnie’s Plant… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Linda Peterson
Kit Dwyer
7 months ago
Reply to  Linda Peterson

What an admirable light to the world! Thanks for sharing, Linda!

7 months ago
Reply to  Linda Peterson

Thanks Linda, Diane sounds like a wonderful caring person. She must be a blessing to so many people.

Linda Peterson
7 months ago
Reply to  Judy

She definitely is!

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