They Are Finally Here!

They Are Finally Here!

Recently, my husband Bob and I unloaded 1,800 pounds of brand-new five-year journals. Whew and wow!

An eighteen-wheeler backed down the hill, carefully, at our Orlando storage unit and offloaded two pallets of journals.

The remainder of the 10,000 new journals went to the warehouse in Michigan for safekeeping until our or Amazon’s supply needs to be restocked.

Bob and the new journals

Then, our work began. We didn’t need the gym as we moved the twenty-eight-pound boxes from the pallet to carts, pushed them to our unit, and then unloaded and organized them by color. We were a couple of tired puppies when we finished that job!

I gave the five-year journals a fresh, new look and added detailed information about how people might use their new journals.

I wrote about the difference between a general and a themed journal, which can collect moments of gratitude, wonder, or joy; prayers asked and answered; emotions experienced; food, exercise details, and wellness; highs and lows; goals aspired to and achieved; dreams and interpretations; and so much more.

I also provide tips on how to be successful in keeping a five-year journal.

Believe me, it’s not that difficult and takes only five minutes a day. I’ve kept a five-year journal for eighteen consecutive years now, and I used to be a miserable failure at journaling. That story is in the newly designed journal as well.

Can you tell I’m excited about this new version?

In between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, I’m having a sale to celebrate the arrival of the newly designed journals.

Until December 1, the new journals are on sale. Usually, vendors lower the price of the old stuff to make room for the new but not me. I lowered the price of the new five-year journals by $5 each because I want you to have one. Plus, you also get free shipping on all orders within the US.

But wait, there’s more! With every order of an original or newly designed journal, you receive a free sheet of Travel Entries.

“What are Travel Entries,” you ask? They are adhesive labels the exact size of daily journal entries you can take with you when you travel.

With Travel Entries, you don’t have to bring your journal with you or run the risk of losing it in your checked luggage.

One sheet holds six daily entries.

When you get home, peel off each day’s remembrance and place it in your journal. Amazing!

Buy a journal for yourself and all those on your holiday shopping list, and we’ll ship them out to you the next day! Choose from thirteen amazing colors!

Here’s the link to order your journals:

Do you regularly write in a journal? If so, how do you use your journal? What benefits do you receive from journaling? If you’re not a journaler, have you tried it? Did you not like it? Why not? How long did you do it? Tell us about your experience with journaling in the comments section below.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen
7 months ago

The journals my wife has kept all her life and the journaling I have done since 1981 have formed the basis of my two memoir books. I’m deeply grateful for those records. I didn’t start regular journaling until I bought a Commodore-64 journal. Now, I usually journal several times a week. In my computer journal, I put headings in bold like Gratitude, Spiritual, Fun, Family Time. As I’ve studied past entries, I have learned more about myself.

Linda Peterson
7 months ago

I’ve been journaling steadily for the past fifteen years, and sporadically for a few years before that. I use it to record the events of the day, sometimes the weather, sometimes the things I’m grateful for. I use some of these entries to fuel my writing. My one regret is the lost information in the years when I wasn’t journaling

Etya Krichmar
7 months ago

Patricia, what is the code?

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