Episode #5 – No Time to Write

No Time to Write

All the time, I hear, “I want to write my life stories, but I never find the time.”

I understand. Finding time never works. We all have busy lives with lots of responsibilities, so we never find those precious minutes to write.

We need to make time, not find it. But before you say that’s not possible, think about this.

Can you make five minutes of time to write? What about ten minutes? If you think that won’t accomplish anything, listen as I tell you Eunice’s approach and how she wrote her book.

Then, in the comments section below, tell us how you intend to carve out some time to write this week. Happy writing!

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Linda Peterson
1 year ago

I carry a notebook and pen every time I leave the house, be it to go visiting or shopping, or to an appointment. You’d be surprised what opportunities arise in these circustances.

Kit Dwyer
1 year ago

Questions – What boosts us out of our isolation, when the room/place we are in seems to be shrinking smaller and smaller? What helps us come out of our heads and go beyond our thinking to writing, and to be able to share what we write?

Last edited 1 year ago by Kit Dwyer
Etya Krichmar
1 year ago

Give yourself time to write. Put your butt in that chair determined to write.

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