Episode #7 – Bite #4, Start Anywhere

How do you know where to start writing your life story? Need help figuring that out?

If the thought of writing your life story from birth to death in chronological order leaves you overwhelmed, Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time’s bite four, Start Anywhere, is for you!

There is a better way than beginning with I was born a very young child… Find a memory that excites you and write about it. Then, pick the next one.

Write now, organize later. Just get your memories down on the page. Happy writing!

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Linda Peterson
1 year ago

The Christmas Bell, as well as my journey through Nissen Fundoplication.

1 year ago

Excellent advice. We can always move and place the stories where we want them or where they need to be. Thanks, Stella

Last edited 1 year ago by Stella Nahatis
Etya Krichmar
1 year ago

Patricia, a beautiful advise. I wrote the first part of my memoir series having no clue how to write a book. I wrote each chapter chronologically without thinking. But I guess, it does not work like that fir others. Last week I began to write part two and this time, I am using you suggestions. I even charted the bits of memories on a template you provided. I intend to use it fir each following chapter to make my life easier. Most likely, I will continue to write in chronological order, but it is just me.

Kit Dwyer
1 year ago

I love how you are always changing it up and inspiring writers in new ways. Love this vlog and your bite-sized tips. Repeating so we can hear the ideas in a new way. Each time I listen, I take away positive energy. Thank you, Patricia!

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