Episode #75 – Print, Audio, or E-Book

In today’s diverse reading landscapes that encompass print, audio, and e-books, the optimal choice for you hinges on your preferences and habits.

Let’s explore the evolution of reading and find what suits you best!

From Gutenberg’s printing press to Audible’s digital revolution, each format offers unique advantages.

Whether you savor the tactile feel of paper or embrace the convenience of digital downloads, readers today have an abundance of options.

What book format fits you best? Do you read different genres in different formats? Tell us how you like to read in the comments section below.

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Norma Beasley
3 months ago

Hi Life Writers. Since my background is publishing, I enjoyed the process of book making. Also the smell of new publications coming off press is awesome. Besides, I enjoyed making my own book. I too like holding the book and making notes in the margins. Ebooks and other digital media is for another lifetime. ❤️

Etya Krichmar
3 months ago

I love holding a book in my hands as I read. It brings me closer to the story. As I flip the pages, I feel the connection between the written word and myself. It is like I become a conspirator in the story if the story is well told. I also read on Kindle, but I do not feel as much joy when I do that.

David Godin
3 months ago

I prefer real books but am on my third Kindle.
I started using a Kindle for travel while still working as I had to carry two or three books with me per trip. Now I rarely use the Kindle. There is just something about holding a physical book; the texture, the smell of the paper, the sense of accomplishment in watching the bookmark move. And the late nights reading when I get sooooo close to finishing.

3 months ago

I am a paper book person. I’m not a fast reader but I love the feel of the book also my book markers are colorful with pictures of animals or forests, etc. I also can keep tabs as to how far I have to go before the ending. Being in a local book club lets me make notes on the pages for discussion. After I’m done, I usually donate them to a used book store, I do have a huge amount of daily devotional books I read and re-read.

Linda Peterson
3 months ago
Reply to  Judy

I do the same thing.

3 months ago

Paper books, books, books. I don’t feel the need to switch to e-books nor travel with a lap top or other electronic device for now. The memoir books we read and work on in Life Writers, I share with others, which is another way to validate my writing endeavors. One habit I started years back, is to not own over 100 books in my home, at any given moment. Let them circulate. Their the worse to move considering their sheer weight, in pounds and in mental invasion! Good reading to all.

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