Episode #87 – A Memory You’d Like to Erase

In last week’s vlog, we discussed embracing the pain in writing, and many of you found it valuable. We’re going to continue with that theme and write about a memory you’d like to erase.

Usually, I have you brainstorm for several minutes before writing, but today, I want to try something different. Watch the video and follow along with the directions given.

I realize you may be writing about a troubling moment you don’t wish to share with the group. That’s perfectly fine, but if you do choose to share what you’ve written, know it will be received with respect, compassion, and kindness.

Now, let’s embrace this month’s prompt.

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1 month ago

Reliving the details of my father’s tragic sudden death would be a moment I’d like to erase. This past Memorial Day weekend we noted forty years since he past away. The memories of confused, broken siblings hearing our father had been murdered in the middle of the night never ceased to stop my breath. After many years of crying, I turned my sadness over to God before it killed me. I believed that because God is everywhere he knows that hand that stabbed my dad seventeen times and he will judge. I released all the who, what and why questions… Read more »

Nancy Archibald
1 month ago

I was twenty-four and had a two-year-old when I enrolled in Nursing School. Previously, I believed I had encountered countless life experiences because I grew up on a farm, completing two years of biology at university, getting married, and having a child.  Nursing is going to be challenging, but I can handle it.  The false illusion that everything will be fine lasted until the day on our first clinical, the head nurse in long-term care posed a question to our clinical group. “Do you want to observe an autopsy?”  We looked around at each other, expecting one to say yes… Read more »

1 month ago

Nancy. That took a lot of courage to walk out as well as to express this experience of seeing a nine year old blonde boy at your very first autopsy. I’m glad you wrote it down and released this unwanted emotion from where it laid hidden many years. Though the questions still remain as to why you may have reacted the way you did back then, the power of the experience no longer seem to have a hold on you. You’ve put it into words in a positive forum and can choose to revisit it or not. You are courageous… Read more »

1 month ago

Nancy, what an experience. Even though you did not witness the autopsy it is clear that you were totally invested in your career as a nurse and most evidently did a great job. Your integrity seeps through every line in the way you share this story. By keeping true to yourself and your two year old at that time, you most certainly applied the rule of a young parent acting out of love for their own as well as a total respect for the deceased young farm boy. You make a strong long lasting impression on me by sharing in… Read more »

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