I’m obsessed—with a lot of things. Thankfully, with a lot of help, I grew past my most destructive obsessions. Now, my obsessions are more entertaining, at least to me.

You know about my obsession with sloths. Thank you to those who told me about the 60 Minutes segment on sloths that aired last Sunday.

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I watched the replay, and it was great. I learned hibiscus flowers are sloth chocolate, and they move so slow because it takes a month to digest the toxic leaves they eat. If they didn’t, the toxins would kill them. I also discovered two new sanctuaries I want to visit in Costa Rica and became a Sloth Appreciation Society member. I now even have a certificate proving how much I love sloths.

Notice--we have the same haircut.

I’m obsessed with veterinarian shows on TV—Dr. Pol, Critter Fixers, Heartland Docs, and Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet. I love how they help animals of all kinds.

I’m obsessed with alpacas. I love their cute little faces and bucked bottom teeth they use to scoop up food. I dragged my husband Bob to several alpaca farms in Washington and Oregon a few years ago.

He sat in the car while I fed and petted alpacas at the last farm.

I’m obsessed with French bulldogs. I think they look like little gargoyles, and I love gargoyles. Bob even bought me a gargoyle statue one year for Christmas that sits on top of the bookcase watches over me as I work. Frenchies are my favorite dogs, with basset hounds coming in a close second, but I watch all animal videos that find their way to my phone.

Bob says I have another obsession, but I don’t agree. He says I have a drinking problem, more specifically a problem with cups, but each cup I have serves a purpose. I have one cup for soda, one for homemade smoothies, one for water at home, and one for water on the road. Makes perfect sense to me—a cup for every need.

Bob and I had a conversation this week that went like this:

“Baby, guess what I bought today?”


“A new cup from Planet Smoothie!”

No response. He just shakes his head.

“But Baby, every time you or I buy a smoothie and use the cup, we get ten percent off.”

Bob holding (left to right) my new Planet Smoothie cup, home water cup, travel water cup, homemade smoothie cup, and soda cup

He slaps the palm of his hand to his forehead and walks into the kitchen. Then, he makes me take a picture of him holding all my cups and insists I text it to my friends to prove his point. He thinks I need a cups anonymous meeting.

But, I’m excited about my new cup. It’s dark pink/red, and it’s insulated. Plus, I get ten percent off. As much as I like smoothies, it will pay for itself in no time.

I wish I were obsessed with writing like my friend Elaine is. She’d rather write than eat. I like to write, but I’m not obsessed with it, and many days, I have difficulty putting my butt in the chair to write.

Now, it’s your turn to tell the truth. What are you obsessed with? What do you find yourself collecting whether you need it or not? Why do you think you’re obsessed with it? What evidence do you have that proves this is an obsession?

Post your response in the comments section below, and let us obsess with you.

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9 months ago

Love the obession theme going on this VLOG. I think I’m obsessed with “being ready for an emergency.” That means when I see things on sale that I might need in case of a blackout/hurricane/food shortage/toilet paper shortage : ) I slip it into my basket. I keep saying it’s just being a good girl scout. So lately flashlights on sale have been the thing. I’ve purchased big/small different color handles and forehead ones, wrist ones, shoulder ones, stick to the fridge ones, hanging flashlights, large ones and regular size ones have made it into the basket. Oh! And of… Read more »

Orah Zamir
Orah Zamir
9 months ago

I am an obsessive person. I am several 12 step programs. Primary is food addiction. The newest is media addiction. I am obsessed with figure skating and have been since I was a child. I tried it once but I was terrified of falling. I even bought custom skates. I am obsessed with You tube videos of rescuing baby kittens, sometimes one day old. They look for the mother cat or give the baby a foster mother. I am obsessed with the Canadian series Heartland. I am obsessed with transforming values of Patriarchal mindset: perfection, control, judgment and oppositional thinking… Read more »

9 months ago

My obsession is I believe God’s most perfect creation: the hummingbird. I’ve put feeders out up north and here in Florida. I’ve gotten close enough to see their tiny tongue as it sips the nectar from my special sugar water mixture. I’ve been blessed to hold a feeder in my hand and the tiny hummers would come and drink. There are hummingbird items all around my home from wind chimes to Swarovski crystal. When my grandkids visited, I told Anna, the youngest at 16 then, that I loved hummingbirds. She surprised me with a beautiful blue/pink hummer figurine. I have… Read more »

9 months ago

Admit it, I must. I have an all-out obsession over Jeweled Egg Art! For decades, indulging in the art was on the verge of addiction. Now that I am no longer participating in my love, I find myself searching for the rare and exquisite. Just moments ago, someone answered a request of mine for an object of my affection. Why do I continue to look for these elusive treasures if I cannot enjoy the creative process anymore? I guess it’s because during my search, I am back in the wonderful world that at one time was my beautiful, peaceful, joyful… Read more »

Clinton Egg.jpg
9 months ago

So we have elephants, cups, sloths – and my obsession is owls. I have always been a bird-person, having had talking parakeets as a kid and feeding wild chickadees out of the hand at my aunt’s house. Thee feathered creatures have my heart. Mostly the owl – symbol of the goddess Athena of anciant Greece – for what it represents. Myth has it she stands for courage, strength, wisdom, peace, knowledge, law, fairness, the arts… just to mention a few. She’s had my attention ever since I first learned about her. Why is it an obsession? I call it that… Read more »

Rose Yake
9 months ago

After a hiatus, I’m excited to rejoin the Life Writers’ fold as my husband and I downsize to a retirement apartment. What a time we are having, but that’s another story. I loved Patricia’s obsession story, which inspired me to share one of mine. I LOVE ELEPHANTS, the largest living land animal. These plant-eaters are skillful with the multi-use of their trunks and play a critical role in the ecosystem of their environments. Isn’t it interesting that matriarch elephants head family herds? This adorable pair now adorn the top of a chest in my retreat. One more challenge — where… Read more »

elephants rose.jpeg
9 months ago

Peg likes to refer to me as Anal-Retentive. I just like to consider myself organized. I’ll give you my big three: I do at least one load of laundry a day. Since we live in a sub-tropical climate, I don’t like leaving damp or wet clothes sitting around too long. Since I do the grocery shopping, I have my own bags, both regular and insulated. When I get to the checkout, I organize items behind the bag they are going into. Some cashiers don’t get it. But most make a comment about how organized I am (also getting appreciated for… Read more »

Bob Guerrette, Patricia's husband
Bob Guerrette, Patricia's husband
9 months ago
Reply to  JOHN ROCHE

I rest my case about Patricia’s cup obsession, and I have to wash all those blasted cups most of the time.

David Godin
9 months ago

I had a collection of free T-shirts. I’d take every one offered. And gas station mugs; because I was “saving money” using their mug. I am no longer allowed to bring either tshirts or mugs home.

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