Try Something New

Try Something New

How do you feel about trying new things?

Some people thrive on the energy derived from tackling something new and unknown.

But if you’re like most people, you’re hesitant at best or downright resistant to anything outside your norm.

Lots of experts encourage us to do something new every day and list the benefits of doing so:

  • enhanced mood
  • more energy
  • better self-awareness
  • overcoming fear
  • greater brain stimulation

And the list goes on.

I’ve read how resistance to trying new things grows out of fear. We fear what we don’t know. One study found we fear an unknown outcome more than a known bad one. Wow!

I see it in myself every time I go to the smoothie shop. I love smoothies. They are my guilty pleasures, but I always get the same one every time. I look at all the other options, and most sound delicious. Yet, when I open my mouth to order, the name of the same smoothie comes out. I tell myself I’ll try a new one next time.

Why do I hesitate? Will a different smoothie not be as good? Maybe. Will I regret my decision? Maybe. Will I die from it? I doubt it.

Recently, I started venturing out of my comfort zone at Whole Foods. They have unusual fruits and vegetables, most of which I don’t know what to do with.

I bought golden mangoes the other day. I love mangoes, but I had never prepared one myself. I watched a YouTube video for instructions and felt excited after trying something new.

On my next trip to Whole Foods, I intend to buy a pomegranate and allow YouTube to teach me what to do with it.

Trying new things is an excellent exercise for writers because it cultivates curiosity, a necessary skill.

So, tell us, how do you feel about trying new things? Do you avoid or embrace it? Why do you lean one way or the other?

What’s something new you can do today? Maybe, write outside your preferred genre and draft a poem or a fiction short story. The outcome doesn’t matter. It can be terrible, but you will gain from venturing outside your comfort zone.

Today, my commitment is to try a different smoothie. I feel nervous just saying it, but I will do it this time.

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I did it! Brand new smoothie. Good but not as good as my favorite.

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Rose Yake
1 year ago

OK, I am ready to try something new. I recite the same morning meditation and have become uninspired with it. For the last couple of months, I deleted a Bible-based video prompt in my email because I did not want to write a journal entry about the prompt– just not my style. What will other participants I don’t know think about my responses?

I will watch tomorrow’s video prompt and write a short journal entry.

Donna Guldenstern
Donna Guldenstern
1 year ago

Trying something new whether it be a food, drink, place, activity or even a thought (how else could I look at this?) is an opportunity to stretch and grow. For me, newness energizes and provides seeds for more adventures and creativity.

Norma Beasley
1 year ago

Being a designer, I can’t afford not to try new things. Sometimes things work out, sometimes not. I think state of mind can influence us one way or the other. I remember my first time in New York. I wasn’t afraid to travel from the Bronx to Brooklyn or Queens. I tend to approach people a little differently. They have shown me a side of themselves that I don’t relish. On the other hand, good things can also happen. Don’t think I would jump off a cliff though just to try a new thing! LOL

Etya Krichmar
1 year ago

I am never afraid of trying new things. I embrace diversity. Coming to America, learning new language, discovering new traditions taught that new, most of the time is beautiful.!

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